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Our Mission

Elevate Her

More than ever, youth are niche targets to powerful influences around them. From multi-million dollar advertising conglomerates to magazines, internet and social networking publications, to thousands of youth-driven service marketing professionals ranging from youth programming, fashion and leisure, to tobacco companies wanting their “healthy-set of lungs.” From peers, teachers and ministers to their own blood relatives and friends, youth are emotionally unprepared to confront the forces that are constantly attacking their sense of being and belonging..

Whether rich or poor, caucasian, black, hispanic or asian, educated and not, today’s youth are being purposely pursued, enticed, tempted and corraled from every level of existence and by forces in and outside their conscious control.

As a result, youth are flagrantly swaying between uncertainty, insecurity, despair, defeat, frustration, anxiety, dissillusionment, apathy, senselessness, and a detached disregard about themselves, their possibilities, their life and their future.

From increasing national crime involving youth victimization, gun violence, drug use, teen-age pregnancies, rising sexual disease, growing homelessness, poverty, self-sabotage and suicide, our youth need to know there are options and solutions to help them uncover and realize their possibilities for creating meaning, shifting paradigms, experiencing completely different realms of being, and choosing alternatives to their self-defeating behaviors and interpretations of the issues they are confronted with.

Without the critically targeted, self-development education and foundational skills combining practical learning, our youth will continue being confused on life at a time when they should just be starting to dream about their rising and endless possibilities for success.


Our program is dedicated to building self-esteem from the inside out in girls ages 11-17. We recognize the importance of crushing the ill-effects of low self esteem. The Club not only provides basic life skills such as leadership, etiquette and image, it also provides cultural experiences, helps teens deal with peer pressure, addresses personal development and the value of diversity. Together, we can ensure better odds for future generations of women.

Our Mission

Is to provide a very intimate small group mentoring and professional youth coaching club for girls enabling them direction and real-world, substantiated education that empowers them through skill, interpretation, language, mirroring, modeling and integration in pre-teen and teen girls through a positive, productive and beneficial environment.

Our Vision

To provide guidance, resources and group and one-on-one youth empowerment coaching to  girls that will help them to become healthier members of our society.  Encourage them to discover their talents and pursue their goals, while securing and maintaining financial independence.  Equip them with the necessary tools for them to adjust in everyday situations and throughout their lives.

Elevate Her is designed to give the girls positive examples in a world filled with negative onesThey meet, connect and learn empowerment and success tips from positive women role models like, WNBA Basketball Stars, Hollywood Actresses, Caressa Cameron former Miss America, and so many more positive role models in our community.  These gracious Celebrities and Friends of Ari that the girls connect with will serve as mentors and provide references and resources for the girls of Elevate Her when they need them!
Our girls see so many negative images and girl fights in the media that makes them feel inadequate and not good enough. Elevate her is a program where we leave competition, comparison among girls and all that NONSENSE at the door! We love on each other, support each other and mastermind so we can help our Sister be all that she can be, without feeling envious of her because we have our own shine to bask in!!

We also want to generate within these girls a feeling of inner respect and love for themselves, while learning to be self-empowered.

Our Goal

To engage the girls in empowerment and life skills weekend retreats and one-on-one coaching sessions with self-esteem and leadership experts that will enhance their self image, goal setting, communication, etiquette skills, networking skills, and leadership skills. Help the girls make choices that will produce self-assured, positive thinking. That will teach the girls responsibility and accountability for their actions, achievements, and accomplishments

Our Purpose

•        To build self esteem & confidence
•        Provide educational and professional development
•        Provide community and cultural awareness
•        Promote and encourage healthy lifestyles
•        Improve methods of communication

Elevate Her Helps Youth Develop a Sense of Encouragement and Strength

  • Help them regain a renewed sense of hope, vision and purpose for their own lives
  • Help them recognize they have what it takes to make their dreams possible
  • Help them learn how to dream and how to develop and encourage their sense of being
  • Help youth re-learn to be young again, engaged in their lives with a renewed sense of spirit
  • Help youth demand more of themselves and not give in or give up!
  • Help them learn to face fear by knowing their inner strength!
  • Help them know who they are and learn whom they can become!
  • Help them achieve measurable results, and encourage a worthy ideal
  • Help youth learn to establish self-respect and create self-motivation!
  • Help them say good-bye to the belief of those who said… “YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED, YOU CAN NEVER DO THAT!”

Retreat Program

During the beginning, middle and end of the program the mentees and mentors will attend an Empowerment Retreat. The focus is on interpersonal communication skills, leadership development and etiquette. The retreat will provide the mentees effective ways to
make positive life choices through open and honest dialogue and mastermind.

Elevate Her – Leadership, Mentoring & Coaching Club for Girls


Our Program

Through collective support and practical encouragement, you can provide youth with firm grounding for their own flight and belief in themselves. Enabling youth with a bit of direction and real-world, substantiated education that empowers through skill, interpretation, language, mirroirng, modeling, and integration, youth will be ready to undertake today’s challenges with positive confidence in themselves. We must provide our youth with the tools and the opportunity to grow in this 21st Century Era.


Young ladies need positive affirmation, knowledge and the tools to succeed. Information is a start. Too many young ladies look to inappropriate role models to guide them. Many suffer from low self-esteem, lack confidence and look to their peers or the TV for guidance on how to act and dress. Unfortunately too often, this just worsens the problem. The more positive input that is fed to them, the more they become empowered and emboldened. A Mentoring & Leadership Club for Girls is a wonderful way to treat your girl(s) to an experience that can change their lives.

The investment you make in the special girl in your life to be ELEVATED includes:

3 Powerful, LIVE, 2 Day “ELEVATE Her” Leadership, Image/Etiquette and Goals Success Weekend Empowerment Retreats

  • – Including a Mastermind Event amongst her peers
  • – Empowerment Sessions
  • – Image & Etiquette Training
  • – Goal Planning
  • – Career Planning
  • – Entrepreneurship Study
  • – Personal/Skills Development
  • – PUSH Sessions – Pushing my Sister on her way to excellence
  • – Special Guests
  • – Giving Back to those less fortunate

Mentoring: One-on-One, Monthly Live, 45-minute Video Skype or Phone Coaching Calls with Ari

  • Interactive, activity-based Skype/calls for positive reinforcement teaching some of the following skills:
  1. How to be a cheerleader for other young women
  2. How to PUSH yourself on their way to excellence
  3. Changing her mindset on who she considers a friend
  4. How to open up to your parents about anything
  5. Getting involved in sports, recreation and hobbies
  6. and so much more…

Quarterly Mastermind Meetings for ongoing Success (Tele-Classes)

  • Positive affirmation with the focus on achieving personal success with positive results through celebrating, supporting, educating and implementing strategies that work

Positive Influence: Quarterly Interactive ELEVATE Her ‘Spotlight’ Guests via telecourses!

  • My positive celebrity friends and women colleagues join us for calls to speak to your daughter.  She can ask as many questions as she likes and gain success secrets and inspiration from positive Role Models who she wouldn’t otherwise meet and catch up with the other girls to encourage, document and celebrate each other’s progress and success

Authorship Opportunity: Your Daughter will become a Nationally Published Author with her very own chapter in the book titled “ELEVATE Her”

  • VIP Book Signing Event in her community to share her message, be an example to other girls and make a difference!

Elevate Her Workbooks & Young Dreamers Podcast

  • Tools for further development and encouragement

Building Self-Esteem Through Life-Skills


Elevate Her shows you different ways of being open. This group gives you a chance to get away from home and build yourself while you’re away. I recommend this group to make new friends and create new long lasting bonds., Hannah, Age 14 


This is a great program for people who are trying to discover their true selves and for anyone who simply needs a support group. Courtney, Age 17


I would recommend Elevate Her to others girls because I don’t want them to make bad desicisions and mistakes. Girls can get influenced easily and when they grow up they will regret it. JJ,  Age 11 



Our Founder Ari Squires

Ari Squires Talks Self-Esteem on WUSA9

Our Founder

Ari SquiresAri Squires

Ari Squires is on a heart-filled mission to empower women and young ladies to do what they love and live their best life.  She is a success coach, life design strategist and an advocate for youth leadership.  She is also the founder Elevate Her, an educational  leadership, mentoring and positive influence club for girls  who are dedicated to overcoming the odds and not letting other people define their future.

Through one-on-one and group coaching programs, Ari empowers women and young ladies to transform themselves and their life.  Her work enables women all over to break down their self-imposed limitations, overcome fear and make massive strides towards their dreams. Ari is an ongoing contributor and speaker to middle and high schools, youth organizations, and through a series of highly customized educational, empowering and enrichment workshops, live events and speaking engagements that are dedicated to the training and development of people in pursuit of excellence, Ari’s efforts continue to yield incredible results.  Described by others as a “motivator, personal branding expert and positive role model filled with great passion and humility,” Ari is helping a growing number of people get out their comfort-zones, tap into their glorious gifts and release the chains unto their inner manifestation magnet.

Prior to Youth Coaching, for ten years, Ari was the Owner and Director of Ari’s House of Dance & Performing Arts Studio, the first African American owned performing arts school in the state of Virginia. The School became an award winning brand under her leadership within two years.

When she is not speaking and traveling across the U.S. conducting Corporate Etiquette Training, or working with phenomenal women, you will find her reading self-development books.

To learn more about Ms. Ari and her other programs for women and youth visit


There are 3 nominal investment options, scholarships and fundraisers for the program that includes>>  Weekend Retreats (transportation, lodging, lunch and dinner), Program Materials and Life Coaching.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation or application. or 540-812-2770

Member Books


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21 Day Self-Empowerment Guide for Girls

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