A NATIONWIDE Private & Exclusive Leadership, Mentoring and Positive Influence Club for Girls Ages 11-18 (only 25 accepted into the program)

Young ladies need positive affirmation, knowledge and the tools to succeed. Information is a start. Too many young ladies look to inappropriate role models to guide them. Many suffer from low self-esteem, lack confidence and look to their peers or the TV for guidance on how to act and dress. Unfortunately too often, this just worsens the problem. The more positive input that is fed to them, the more they become empowered and emboldened. A Mentoring & Leadership Club for Girls is a wonderful way to treat your girl(s) to an experience that can change their lives.

The investment you make in the special girl in your life to be ELEVATED includes:

A Powerful, LIVE, 2 Day “ELEVATE Her” Leadership, Image/Etiquette and Goals Success Weekend Retreat in Washington, DC.
– Including a Mastermind Event amongst her peers
– Empowerment Sessions
– Image & Etiquette Training
– Goal Planning
– Career Planning
– Entrepreneurship Study
– Personal/Skills Development
– PUSH Sessions – Pushing my Sister on her way to excellence
– Special Guests
– Giving Back to those less fortunate

Mentoring: One-on-One, Monthly Live, 45-minute Video Skype or Phone Coaching Calls with Ari
Interactive, activity-based Skype/calls for positive reinforcement teaching some of the following skills:

How to be a cheerleader for other young women
How to PUSH yourself on their way to excellence
Changing her mindset on who she considers a friend
How to open up to your parents about anything
Getting involved in sports, recreation and hobbies
and so much more…

LIVE Quarterly Mastermind Meetings for ongoing Success
Positive affirmation with the focus on achieving personal success with positive results through celebrating, supporting, educating and implementing strategies that work

Positive Influence: Monthly Interactive ELEVATE Her ‘Spotlight’ Guests via telecourses!
My positive celebrity friends and women colleagues join us for calls to speak to your daughter. She can ask as many questions as she likes and gain success secrets and inspiration from positive Role Models who she wouldn’t otherwise meet and catch up with the other girls to encourage, document and celebrate each other’s progress and success

Authorship Opportunity: Your Daughter will become a Nationally Published Author with her very own chapter in the book titled “ELEVATE Her”
VIP Book Signing Event in her community to share her message, be an example to other girls and make a difference!

Elevate Her Workbooks & Young Dreamers Podcast
Tools for further development and encouragement